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Ungalai Thedi Ungal Ooril Scheme 2024: Complete Information


Chief Minister M K Stalin announced the statewide inauguration of the Ungalai Thedi Ungal Ooril plan on Wednesday to ensure the ongoing delivery of public services and programs by the government. As part of the project, collectors would remain in a taluk once a month to talk to residents and handle their issues. Go through the details below to see the highlights, objectives, features and benefits, and much more of the உங்களை தேடி உங்கள் ஊரில் திட்டம்.

Ungalai Thedi Ungal Ooril Scheme 2024 

The proposal, which the chief minister revealed on November 23, 2023, calls for district collectors and other officials to camp at a taluk in their district on the fourth Wednesday of every month. On Wednesday, starting at 9 a.m., district collectors and district-level officers from other departments would spend a whole day in the selected taluks doing field verification of the various schemes and services offered by different state government departments. During the morning, the inspectors will check primary healthcare institutions, ration stores, cooperative organizations, government offices, and schools.


They would be split up into teams and given the task of visiting every area in the taluk. A review meeting to discuss the visit’s comments is scheduled for 2:30 to 4:30 p.m. Throughout the 1.5 hours, from 4:30 to 6 p.m., there will be public encounters and representations.


Ungalai Thedi Ungal Ooril Scheme Overview

Yojana Name Ungalai Thedi Ungal Ooril
Year 2024
Who Started Chief Minister M K Stalin
Objectives To engage in conversation and respond to grievances
For the people of the Tamil Nadu
State Tamil Nadu
Apply Mode Online
Official Website TBA


Ungalai Thedi Ungal Ooril Scheme Objectives

With his advice to his party colleagues to “Go to the People; Live among them; Learn from them, and Serve them,” the late chief minister CN Annadurai set forth a vision that the new strategy aims to realize. The government apparatus’s primary duties are to ensure that the public benefits from all programs and projects and to remove any barriers that could arise.

Ungalai Thedi Ungal Ooril Scheme Benefits & Features

The following are some of the scheme’s salient characteristics and advantages:

  • The Chief Minister on a field visit describes this programme as the next phase of the “Kala Aaaivil Mudhalvar” scheme.
  • As part of the Kalathil Mudhalvar initiative, the chief minister has chaired multiple district-level meetings to talk about goals and interact with various community members.
  • After conducting field inspections during the Ungal Thedi Ungal Ooril camps, the district collectors will use the feedback they receive to create plans that will expedite projects and streamline processes.
  • In addition to seeing the populace, the collectors would compile and resolve their grievance petitions.
  • The administration advised the people to fully utilize the camps to ensure that they could readily access government services.
  • Despite the officials’ close closeness to the public, the collectors serve as a conduit between the people and the state government, earning the public’s faith and trust.
  • To present petitions, weekly meetings are organized between the public and the collectors.
  • To get feedback from the general public, a team of representatives from multiple departments will visit each first in that particular taluk one week before the scheduled visit.

How To Apply For Ungalai Thedi Ungal Ooril Scheme

The Tamilnadu government has not yet announced the formal application procedure for this program. Nonetheless, the steps involved in applying for each plan are listed here.

  • Firstly, go to the scheme’s official website.
  • It will show the home page of the website.
  • Select the “Apply Online” option on the homepage.
  • On the screen, a new page will open.
  • Fill out the application form with your name, residence, birth date, and any complaints you may have.
  • Pay close attention to the information offered.
  • Select the submit option now.


Q. By whom was the Ungalai Thedi Ungal Ooril Scheme introduced?

Ans. Chief Minister M K Stalin unveiled the plan.

Q. Which website is the official Ungalai Thedi Ungal Ooril Scheme webpage?

Ans. The official Ungalai Thedi Ungal Ooril Scheme website has not yet been made available by the government.


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