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10 Best Data Entry Jobs From Home

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Online data entry jobs often demand accurate typing abilities and entail inputting data from one origin to another on a computer. Businesses frequently contract out data entry work to big businesses, which then recruit contingent workers and freelancers who work from home.

Data entry work from home is your greatest option if you don’t want to overinvest but need to generate money quickly from home.


Despite this, there are a lot of websites and scammers online that offer remote data entry employment. Do not cooperate if they request payment PRIOR to performing any work; this is a fraud. However, it is feasible to locate data entry jobs online if you are concerned about earning money online.

1. AccuTran Global

Because it primarily hires independent contractors to perform transcription work, AccuTran Global is best recognized as a transcription firm. However, it occasionally offers data entry positions here too, so keep a close watch out. See my review of the business, which describes what it’s like for their transcriptionists, at the provided link. That is probably comparable to what the business anticipates of data entry professionals.

2. FlexJobs

A great place to look for part-time data entry jobs is FlexJobs. Other specializations are also included on the website.

FlexJobs’ one negative is that it costs $14.95 each month to access job postings. Your monthly fee is decreased when you sign up for a 3 or one-year membership.

The code “JOBS” entitles readers of Frugal Rules to a 50% discount.

It’s crucial to remember that this expense has advantages. To provide you peace of mind throughout your job hunt, the agency employs personnel that individually analyze each employment opportunity to weed out any scammers.

The website displays a job’s pay, hours worked, and if it can be done from home.

3. Fiverr

Fiverr is a terrific (and free) way for you to offer your skills and is among the most well-known marketplaces that link independent contractors with business owners. On the marketplace, you may essentially resell any skill, from data entry to transcription to graphic design.

Go to Fiverr and begin marketing your data input services if you’re seeking work-from-home data entry tasks.

4. Clickworker

You may register with Clickworker to join a group of people who carry out tasks for the company’s clients. One of these jobs is data entry, while others include proofreading, copyediting, conducting online searches, and conducting surveys. Once you register (for free), you complete your profile and a few quick tests to show off your skills. Your performance will determine how many jobs are accessible to you, and doing well means you’ll make more money. You establish your own hours, they handle billing, and you receive either weekly or monthly payments via PayPal.

5. mTurk on Amazon

An assortment of tens of thousands of jobs for independent contractors may be found on Amazon mTurk (Amazon Mechanic Turk). One of the responsibilities is data entry. You must register on the website before choosing the real intelligence tasks (Detections) that are right for you.

Nevertheless, you are only paid if your project is accepted. Keep an eye out for fake listings.

Although pay at Amazon mTurk differs (anticipate more than that for delivery and warehousing activities), Indeed reports that a data entry clerk’s average yearly take-home pay is slightly around $20,000.

6. Data Axion

Axion Data is a trustworthy organization to work for distantly as a customer service representative if you have two to three years of relevant experience. You will be working part-time as a remote data entry worker for Axion Data as a general consultant using your own tools. You’ll be responsible for managing your own taxes, setting up your own calendar, and setting your own hours.

To work with Axion Data, one must be able to type accurately at a pace of Sydney CBD keystrokes per hour, or 50 words per minute. Additionally, Axion Data mandates that you own a high-speed internet connection and are a knowledgeable user of a Windows or Mac computer.

7. Virtual Careers

Virtual Vocations is a different website to look at for online job searching.

This software filters remote job postings to weed out scammers and aid in your search for reliable remote data input jobs. If you have a wide range of computer abilities or are open to various online typing jobs, there are further job categories available.

Various job vacancies are accessible on a regional or national level.

To have limited access to real-time job ads, you may establish a free profile. New job alerts are also an option, although premium members get notices first.

The monthly cost of a premium subscription is $15.99. With a 3 or six-month plan, you get a discount.

8. Scribie

Although officially seeking transcribing services, we chose to add it because the task may be straightforward and is always legitimate. You will transcribe audio and video files at Scribie. You may make between $5 and $25 for each hour of audio that is transcribed.

On a 5-point scale, your work will be evaluated. To continue receiving work, your grade point average must remain above 2.75.

The Scribie website lists open data input initiatives.

9. SigTrack

Voter registration and many other forms are processed by SigTrack, a company that works with freelancers to record when petition signers are voters. The firm only employs during specific periods since this job is dependent on the petition season for elections. In order to fulfill your contract and critical analysis of other people’s work, you must maintain accuracy levels of at least 98 percent for each work unit. PayPal is used to pay.

Only citizens of the United States are eligible for employment, and you will be asked to participate in a brief Skype interview to verify your identification. The equipment specifications are very ordinary, although it should be noted that the firm demands two monitors.

10. Caps Lock Typing

Capital Typing, a South Carolina-based virtual office provider, subcontracts a number of its services. The organization, however, is searching for remote employees who can provide customer care, secretarial services, and market research in addition to data entry clerk employment.

Help in transferring and transcript checker at Capital Typing makes around $40 an hour, according to one Glassdoor review. This position probably isn’t entry-level.

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