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Kisan Drone Yojana 2024 | Subsidy of Rs 5 Lakh to Buy Drone


Kisan Drone Yojana 2024: The central govt of India has started the work of implementing technology into the fields. The central govt is providing subsidies for technical agriculture to the Kisans. One of the schemes started by PM Narender Modi Ji is the Kisan Drone Yojana. Under the scheme, the central govt will provide subsidies to the Kisan to buy drones so that they can use the drones to spray pesticides and essential nutrients on the agricultural land. The benefit of the Kisan Drone Yojana 2024 will be provided to the SC/ST/ small tribe Kisan and women. The Kisan will get a benefit of 50% or an amount of Rs 5 Lakh for drones. 


The other Kisan will get the benefit of 40% of the amount or up to Rs 4 Lakh for buying the drones. The FPO will get a benefit of up to 75% under Kisan Drone Yojana 2024. The Krishi Training Institute or centers that are certified by the govt of India will get a subsidy of 100% for drones. Study the complete details of benefits, eligibility, and requirements of Kisan Drone Yojana 2024. 

Kisan Drone Yojana 2024: Full Details 

Prime Minister Shri Narender Modi Ji wants to attract the Kiasan towards technology-based irrigation in India, so they released the Kisan Drone Yojana 2024 and provided a subsidy to them. Under Kisan Drone Yojana 2024, the people will get different subsidies as per their status, like 40%, 50%, or 100% subsidy. in stating the announcement of Kisan Drone Yojana 2024 was for the Kisans living in villages but now the scheme is extended at the person-to-person level. 


The main reason behind the subsidy for the drones is that the drones will reduce the manpower in the agricultural land, and Kisan will be able to perform the task early. They can spread pesticides, dung, fertilizer, etc in the fields without any hazard. A person can monitor his agricultural land easily with drones. 

Key Features of Kisan Drone Yojana 2024

  • Started By: PM Shri Narender Modi Ji
  • Year of Starting: 2024
  • Purpose: To provide a subsidy to buy a drone
  • Beneficiary: Indian Kisan

Subsidy Under Kisan Drone Yojana 2024

The subsidy provided by the central govt will be different for different Kisan. We have listed below the criteria for the subsidy, you can check your category and can apply for the subsidy. 

  • For SC/ST/Woman/ East Side Kisan/Tribes- 50% or Rs 5 Lakh
  • For Other Kisan– 40% or Rs 4 Lakh
  • For Farmer Producer Organizations/FPO- 75%
  • For Krishi Vigyan Kendra /Krishi Training Institute- 100% 

Training For Kisan To Fly Drone

It is the main initiative taken under the Kisan Drone Yojana to give training to the Kisan so that they can use the drones in the fields. The central govt will organize the camps to provide drone training to the Kisans to ensure that they will make the best use of the drones in the agricultural land. The Kisan will be trained to be a good toilet to get the benefit of the drone in the field. 

The Kisan will be told about every aspect of the drone-like how to fly the drone, how to change the direction, how to charge the battery, technical specifications related to the drone, safety measures for drones, and other aspects of the drones. The Kisan will learn the effective and secure ways to implement drones in the agricultural land in the training. It will lead to better results in the fields and secure growth of the ways of agriculture in India.

The training camps will be organized in the Krishi Vigyan Kendra or Agriculture Universities. The govt will not charge any fees to attend the training for the drones. Every Kisan will be able to attend the training free of cost. It will be the first arrangement of Kisan with drones, to make them self-sufficient to use drone technology.

Benifits of Kisan Drone Yojana

  • Subsidy for Drone: The Kisan will get a subsidy or payment to purchase drones. The amount of subsidy will be 50%, 40%, or 100% based on the category of Kisan. The amount of money will be RS 5 Lakh or RS 4 Lakh as per the category. This money will be provided by the central govt of India.
  • Education and Training: The Kisan will be invited to attend the drone training. The training will be organized in the Agriculture universities or the Krishi Vigyan Kendras. There will be no charges imposed on the Kisan to attend the training, The govt comes with the full support of the Kisan to make them self-dependent, and their manpower will be reduced with the help of drones.
  • Modernization of Agriculture: The implementation of drones will modernize agriculture in India. The Kisan can upgrade themselves and increase production with the use of drones. 
  • The help of Environment: Drone technology will not impact the environment any any way. The Kisan can spray the fertilizers, etc safely in the agricultural land.
  • Compost and Diversity Protection: With the help of drones, Kisan can spray the right amount of compost in the fields and different kinds of compost can be spread efficiently. It will protect the harvest and increase the production of the land.
  • Special Subsidy for the States: The Kisan Drone Scheme is first implemented in the Rajasthan and Maharashtra states. The govt will monitor the use of drones and the productivity in two states, after this, the Drone Scheme will be implemented in other states of India. 
  • Requirements and Conditions: There should be some conditions for the drone implementation such as a green zone, best fields, and weather. 

Conditions for the Kisan Drone Scheme

There are some conditions to fly the drone that a person should keep in mind before applying for the Kisan Drone Yojana. The conditions are described below.

  • A person has to get permission to fly a drone in the area of a mobile tower and High Tension Lines.
  • In the green zone area where there is a need for natural conservation, the drone can not be used to spray fertilizers. 
  • The drone use should be for the bad weather and strong wind.
  • The regions near the residential areas are allowed for drone-based agriculture but the Kisan has to get permission before the use of drones.

FAQ For Kisan Drone Scheme

What is the Kisan Drone Scheme?

The Kisan Drone Scheme is a new technology started by the Indian govt to help the Kisan by using drones on agricultural land to spray fertilizers. 

Who will benefit from the Kisan Drone Yojana?

The Kisan from SC/ST and other categories will benefit from the Kisan Drone Yojana. The percentage of subsidy will depend on the category, all the details are explained above. 

Is the Kisan will get the Training to Fly Drone?

Yes, the central govt will provide free training to Kisan to fly drones and explain all the specifications/ security precautions for the drones. The training of drones will be organized in the Agriculture Universities or Kisan Vigyan Kendras.

What are the conditions for flying Drones?

The person has to get permission to fly a drone in the high-tension area and the place of the mobile tower. In the green zone, drones can not be used and in residential areas, the Kisan should ask for permission before the usage of drones.

How to Apply for Kisan Drone Yojana?

The application process for the Kisan Drone Yojana has not yet started. The Kisan can visit the nearest Krishi Dept of the state to get knowledge of the Kisan Drone Yojana. 


The Kisan Drone Yojana will help the Kisan to implement new technology in cultivation and increase production with less manpower. The Drone-based agriculture will be efficient in spreading fertilizer throughout the agricultural land. The Kiasan will be provided with a subsidy to buy the drone. The govt will also provide the training for drones and there will be no cost for the training. The Kisan must apply for the Kisan Drone Yojana and take full benefit of it to increase their income. 

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