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Pedalandariki illu Scheme 2024: Complete Information


Pedalandariki Illu Scheme is an ambitious housing initiative under the state government of Andhra Pradesh’s management. Under this program, the state government provides qualifying individuals with free housing sites. The Andhra Pradesh government stated that 4, 07,323 eligible participants of the Pedalandariki Illu scheme would get interest repayments of rupees 46.90 crore. Twice a year, the government reimburses the interest subsidy. The funds were released at Chief Minister Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy’s Tadepalli camp office on Thursday. To view the comprehensive details about the Pedalandariki Illu Scheme, scroll down to read more.

Pedalandariki illu Scheme 2024 

All eligible citizens can now enroll in the Pedalandariki Illu Scheme for 2024. Applying can be done by going to the official website. This design calls for a range of facilities in the residences, such as infrastructure, electricity and water, and proper drainage. For rural homes, one home site patta to the value of 1.5 cents must be provided. For urban regions, one housing site patta is awarded to the extent of about one penny. Every plot has a unique number, much like the eleven-digit Bhoodhar Number. There is no reservation or preferential system based on caste, creed, or religion to guarantee that the program is carried out equitably.


Pedalandariki illu Scheme Overview

Yojana Name Pedalandariki illu Scheme
Year 2024
Who Started Government of Andhra Pradesh
Objectives To provide free housing sites to qualified individuals.
Citizens of the Andhra Pradesh
State Andhra Pradesh
Apply Mode Online
Official Website


Pedalandariki illu Scheme: Objective

The Navratnalu-Pedalandariki Illu project aims to provide housing for underprivileged (BPL) citizens. The Pedalandariki illu plan, which translates to “housing for all,” aims to build about 25 lakh new houses/pattas over five years.

Pedalandariki illu Scheme: Eligibility Criteria

  • A family that is considered to be below the poverty line (BPL) and has a white ration card is the intended recipient.
  • In no location within the state of Andhra Pradesh is it permitted for the recipient to acquire a home or home site.
  • The beneficiary may own up to Acre 2.5 cts or Acre 5.00 cts of wet or dry land, respectively.
  • The Beneficiary cannot have previously participated in any housing program run by the State or the federal government.
  • An active Aadhar card is required for the beneficiary. Only with the beneficiary’s consent may Aadhaar details be collected.
  • Ownership of a home or home site is prohibited for the beneficiary in the state of Andhra Pradesh.
  • No prior State or Central Government housing program coverage may have been obtained by the beneficiary.
  • There should be no more than Rs. 3, 00,000 (about three lakhs) in the household’s total annual income (from all sources).
  • The beneficiary may own up to 2.5 acres of wetland or 5 acres of dry land.
  • The Aadhar card must be active for the beneficiary to be eligible. Details from Aadhaar can only be collected with the beneficiary’s consent.

Pedalandariki illu Scheme: Important Documents

Several crucial records needed for the plan include the following:

  • Bank Account Information
  • Aadhar Card
  • Proof of Residence
  • White Ration Card No
  • House Certificate
  • Income Certificate

Pedalandariki illu Scheme: Benefits & Features

  • Pedalandariki Illu Scheme is the state government of Andhra Pradesh’s main program.
  • Through the Pedalandariki Illu Scheme, the government of Andhra Pradesh will provide free homes to the state’s poor residents.
  • Another name for the Andhra Pradesh Pedalandariki Scheme is the Andhra Pradesh Free Housing Scheme.
  • The Navaratnalu project of the Andhra Pradesh government featured it.
  • The State Housing Corporation of Andhra Pradesh is the Nodal Agency responsible for executing this scheme.
  • The government will build 25,00,000 homes for the public in the project’s first phase.
  • All rural and urban areas of Andhra Pradesh are expected to participate in the project.
  • The building costs will be paid for by the state of Andhra Pradesh.
  • The overall cost of the built dwellings will be $1,80,000.
  • The benefits of the Pedalandariki Illu Scheme will come in two stages:
  • The first step is allocating a Housing Patta or House Site to the winners.
  • In the latter part, the house will be constructed on the allotted property.
  • Everyone who qualifies can download the Andhra Pradesh Pedalandariki Illu Scheme Application Form.

How To Apply For Pedalandariki illu Scheme

  • Filling out an application is necessary to apply for the Andhra Pradesh Pedalandariki Illu Scheme.
  • The ward or village secretarial office is where you can get the application.
  • Fill out this application form in its entirety and send it with the required documents.
  • Once completed, turn the form into the village or ward secretariat with your supporting documentation.
  • The application will be reviewed and the applicant’s eligibility will be confirmed by volunteers from the ward or village.
  • The initial list of eligible beneficiaries will be released by the Village or Ward Secretariat’s office.
  • The list of recipients will require formal approval by Gram/Ward Sabha.
  • Following that, the final beneficiary list would be sent to the District Collector for approval.
  • The Village/Ward Secretariat office will release the final recipient list once more.

Important Links

Email ID  [email protected].
Official Website
Help-Line Number 1902
Home Page onlinemmut. in


Q. What is the Pedalandariki Illu Scheme also known as?

Ans. Another name for the Andhra Pradesh Pedalandariki Scheme is the Andhra Pradesh Free Housing Scheme.

Q. To what end is the Pedalandariki Illu Scheme primarily intended?

Ans. The goal of this initiative is for the state government to provide free dwelling sites to eligible citizens.

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