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PM Drone Didi Yojana: Apply Online , Benefits and Eligibility Criteria


The Drone Didi Yojana is a new initiative designed to support our nation’s farmers and supply drones to 15,000 women’s self-help groups. It was introduced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi during the Union Cabinet meeting on November 28, 2024.In order to facilitate agricultural tasks like fertilizer spraying, this program will provide 15,000 women’s self-help groups in the nation with access to drones.Women will have access to rentable drones.Through this post, we will give you all the details you need to apply online for the Drone Didi Yojana, including its benefits, honorarium, eligibility, required paperwork, etc. Thus, read through to the conclusion of this article to learn more about the Women Self Help Group Drone Scheme.

PM Drone Didi Yojana 2024

On November28,2024, Prime Minister Narendra Modi of our nation announced the beginning of the PM Drone Didi Yojana. Drones for agriculture-related tasks, such as pesticide spraying, will be provided to 15,000 women’s self-help organizations by means of this program. Farmers throughout the nation will receive a great deal of assistance with agricultural tasks with the debut of this initiative. To further empower and enable the women of the nation to become self-sufficient, drone operators would also receive a remuneration of Rs.15,000 per month.


In order to make it easier for women to buy drones, women’s self-help groups will receive 80 percent of the cost of the drone and any associated equipment, up to a maximum of Rs.8 lakh.


The Prime Minister Drone Didi Scheme has a budget of Rs.1261 crore allocated by the Central Government. Four years will pass before the drones made possible by this program are made available. The Drone Didi Scheme. The country’s efforts to modernize and empower women in the agriculture industry will benefit from this program. Drone pilots will also receive 15 days of training to operate drones through this program. In order to receive the advantages of PM Drone Didi Yojana 2024, you must complete the online registration process.

Prime Minister Drone Didi Scheme 2024 Details

  • Scheme Name: Prime Minister Drone Didi Scheme
  • How to Apply: Online
  • Started On: 28th November 2024
  • Objective: The main objective of the scheme is to Providing drones on rent to farmers for agricultural use.
  • Started By: Prime Minister Narendra Modi
  • Beneficial for: 15000 women farmers and group.
  • Budget: Rs.1261 crore
  • Stated by: Central government
  • Website to apply: Launched soon

Objective Of PM Drone Didi Yojana 2024

The primary goal of Prime Minister Narendra Ji Modi’s Drone Didi initiative is to assist 15,000 female farmers in the nation who are self-helping to eliminate issues with pesticide and fertilizer spraying as well as other issues pertaining to agriculture.

The organisation will be able to hire drones, and women pilots will receive 15 days of training and 10 days of spraying training in addition to a monthly remuneration of Rs 15, 000.The women’s group who wish to purchase a drone will also receive financial support up to Rs 8 lakh in addition to this.

Benefits Of PM Drone Didi Yojana 2024

The following are the specific advantages of the Pradhan Mantri Drone Didi Yojana for the nation’s farmers and women’s self-help groups.

  • Fifteen thousand women’s self-help groups across the nation will have access to drones.
  • To assist farmers around the nation with pesticide and fertilizer spraying as well as other agricultural tasks, drones will be rented out.
  • The government will give the nation’s women self-help groups financial support in the amount of Rs.8 lakh, or 80% of the drone’s cost, so they may buy drones.
  • Women who operate drones would receive a monthly remuneration of Rs.15,000 along with 15 days of training, enabling them to become more independent and powerful.
  • This program will support the advancement of agricultural technology. Drones for use in agriculture will be available for farmers to rent.

Pradhan Mantri Drone Didi Yojana 2024 Eligibility

The PM Drone Didi Yojana was introduced in the nation, and the following are the requirements for eligibility.

  • This program can benefit 15000 women’s self-help groups across the nation.
  • This program is available to all of the nation’s farmers.
  • Farmers must first apply online in order to rent a drone.
  • Complete documentation pertaining to this scheme should be in the possession of all eligible women and farmers.

Required Documents Of PM Drone Didi Yojana Apply Online

For all farmers and women’s advocacy groups across the nation who wish to register online for the PM Drone Didi Yojana, the specifics of the required paperwork are listed below.

  • Aadhar card, identity card, certificate from the Women Self Help Group, permanent address, passport-size photo, mobile number, and bank passbook

How To Do PM Drone Didi Yojana 2024 Apply Online?

The official website for the PM Drone Didi Yojana Online Registration program has not yet been launched, despite the desire of eligible farmers and women’s support groups around the nation to participate as much as possible. This post will keep you updated on the launch of the official Prime Minister Drone Didi Yojana and PM Drone Didi Yojana 2024 Apply Online website. Please read through to the end for comprehensive information on the Women Self Help Group Drone Scheme.


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