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Ladli Yojana Haryana 2024 | Rs 5000 Every Year For Girls


The central govt and state govt have started many initiatives for me better life for the girl child. Financial Assitant is provided to the girls for their better education. One of the schemes is the Ladli scheme in Haryana. In this scheme, the Haryana govt will provide financial assistance to the family during the birth of the girl child. The Haryana govt has also clauses for the payment for the education and marriage of the girl child. To know the full details of the amount received under the Ladli Yojana Haryana from the below article.

Ladli Yojana Haryana 2024 

The Chief Minister/CM of Haryana Shri Manohar Lal Khatter Ji has asserted the Ladli scheme in Haryana. The girls whose birth is after 20 August 2005 are beneficiaries of the Ladli scheme in Haryana. The Haryana govt will give the benefit of Ladli Yojana Haryana to the two daughters in the house. The money will be provided to the parents of the girl child and they will be in the form of KVP, Kisan Vikas Patra. The money will be given up to 5 years and each year the amount will be Rs 5000. The girl can withdraw the amount when she is 18 years old.


The scheme started aiming to make a better girl-boy ratio in Haryana and to change the perspective of people toward girls. The scheme will help to improve girl education after 18 years. Education in schools is at a minimal cost and with the Ladli scheme in Haryana, girls can go to suitable colleges for higher education. They will not confront any financial hardships with the help of this scheme.

  • Name of Scheme: Ladli Yojana Haryana
  • Started By: Chef Minister Manohar Lal Khatter Ji
  • Related Dept: Woman and Child Development Dept.
  • Beneficiary: Gilrs of Haryana
  • Objective: To celebrate the birth of girl child
  • Financial Assistance– Rs 5000 each year
  • Year: 2024
  • State– Haryana
  • Apply Mode: Offline

Main Points of Ladli Yojana Haryana

  • Eligibility for the Ladli Yojana Haryana is that the birth of the second girl child must be after 20 August 2005.
  • The parents will get Rs 5000 each year for up to 5 years in the form of KVP- Kisan Vikas Patra.
  • The second Girl Child’s name and the mother’s name will be added to the KVP.
  • If a mother is not alive, the name of the father will be added to the KVP.
  • If a girl is not alive, then the benefit automatically stops.
  • The money will be offered to the girl when she meets the age of 18 years.

Eligibility for Ladli Yojana Haryana

  • A person must be an enduring inhabitant of Haryana.
  • He should have two daughters.
  • The EWS people will be eligible for the Ladli scheme in Haryana.
  • The annual earnings of the household should be less than Rs 2 Lakh.
  • The girl must be born after 20 August 2005.

Honors & Features of Ladli Yojana Haryana

  • With the help of Ladli Yojana Haryana, the govt of Haryana wants the best education and upbringing for the girl child.
  • The parents will get the benefit of the Ladli scheme in Haryana when they give birth to second daughter. 
  • Every family from each caste will be included in the Ladli scheme in Haryana.
  • The parents have to register the names of both girl children and opt for proper vaccination. The govt will check the vaccination certificate before giving the money.
  • The money provided under Ladli Yojana Haryana can be used for higher education or during the marriage of the girl.

Documents Required for Ladli Yojana Haryana

  • BPL Ration Card and Aadhar Card
  • Parents’ Identity Cards and Birth Certificates
  • Caste Certificate
  • Domicile Certificate
  • Mobile number and Bank Account Details
  • Photo of the parents

How to Apply for Ladli Yojana Haryana

Follow the steps given below to enroll for the Ladli Yojana Haryana.

  1. The parents should go to the nearest Anganwadi Center or a similar office in the urban area.
  2. Get the hard copy of the Ladli scheme in Haryana from the office.
  3. Fill out the details in the Ladli scheme in Haryana form carefully.
  4. Attach the documents and photo with the Ladli Yojana Haryana form.
  5. Submit the filled Ladli scheme in Haryana form along with the documents to the Anganwadi Center.
  6. They will confirm the data and then you will start welcoming the benefits. 

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