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Magel Tyala Shettale Yojana 2024|| Complete Details


The Maharashtra government’s flagship Magel Tyala Shettale Yojana, also called the “Chief Minister’s Solar Pump Scheme,” aims to revolutionize the state’s agricultural sector. Since its launch in 2015, this program has helped to promote sustainable farming methods by giving farmers access to solar-powered pumps. The program’s 2024 iteration expands on the achievements of its forerunners and adds several improvements to further empower farmers and support environmental sustainability.

Magel Tyala Shettale Yojana Details in Highlights

  • The plan’s name: Shettale Yojana Magel Tyala
  • Started by: The Maharashtra Department of Government
  • Objective: Provide dependable water source to farmers
  • State: Maharashtra
  • Budget: Rs. 204 crore
  • Official Website:

Benefits of Magel Tyala Shettale Yojana 2024:

  • One of the scheme’s main advantages is that it aims to lessen farmers’ reliance on the grid for irrigation power. Through the provision of solar-powered pumps, the program facilitates farmers’ adoption of renewable energy sources, leading to a decrease in their operational expenses and the advancement of environmental sustainability.
  • Using solar energy helps farmers save a lot of money over time by removing the need for grid electricity or diesel to power water pumps. Farmers’ financial security and overall profitability are directly improved by this decrease in operating expenses.
  • Increased agricultural output is the result of providing farmers with dependable irrigation via solar-powered pumps, which guarantees that their crops will receive enough water. Food security and rural development are facilitated by farmers being able to grow a greater variety of crops and higher yields thanks to a steady supply of water.
  • Reducing carbon emissions and reliance on fossil fuels is how the program, which uses solar energy for irrigation, supports environmental sustainability. This is in line with more general initiatives to stop climate change and protect the environment for the next generations.
  • The Magel Tyala Shettale Yojana gives farmers access to cutting-edge, effective irrigation technology, thereby empowering them. Farmers who use renewable energy solutions take on a stake in the shift to sustainable agriculture and encourage a sense of pride in their roles in environmental preservation.

Eligibility Criteria for Magel Tyala Shettale Yojana 2024:

  • Maharashtra state resident: Farmers who live in Maharashtra state are eligible to participate in the program. During the application procedure, proof of residency could be needed.
  • Property Ownership: Candidates must own agricultural property and be actively involved in farming. To be eligible, you might need to provide proof of land ownership or tenancy.
  • Adherence to Legal Requirements: Farmers who apply for the program must guarantee adherence to pertinent legal and regulatory specifications concerning land use, environmental restrictions, and any other relevant legislation.
  • Financial Status: Small and marginal farmers may be given precedence, even in the absence of rigorous income criteria, as they may encounter more difficulties in obtaining contemporary irrigation technology.
  • Compliance with Scheme Rules: Applicants must consent to follow the rules and restrictions set forth by the Magel Tyala Shettale Yojana 2024, which include installing and maintaining solar-powered pumps correctly.

How to Apply Online for Magel Tyala Shettale Yojana 2024:

  • Visit the Official Website: To begin the application process for the Magel Tyala Shettale Yojana, one must first go to the Maharashtra government’s official website or the Magel Tyala Shettale Yojana portal.
  • Registration: New users might have to fill out the portal’s registration form with their name, contact information, and address, among other basic details. Users who already have an account can log in with them.
  • Application Form: Applicants can access the Magel Tyala Shettale Yojana 2024 application form after logging in. Contact details, landholding details, and personal information are among the details that the form will need.
  • Document Upload: Scanned copies of all pertinent documentation, such as proof of address, titles to real estate, and any other necessary certifications, must be uploaded by applicants.
  • Submit Application: After completing the form and attaching the required files, candidates can check the details they have supplied and apply electronically.
  • Verification of the Application: After the application is submitted, the authorities will check the information in it and the supporting paperwork. Applicants are recommended to periodically check the status of their application on the portal, as this process may take some time.
  • Installation and Approval: Following the approval of the application, eligible farmers will get a notification, and plans will be made for the installation of solar-powered pumps on their fields.
  • Training and Support: The plan might also cover training sessions to acquaint farmers with the management and upkeep of solar-powered irrigation systems. To handle any problems or queries that could come up after installation, continuous support services might also be offered.


Magel Tyala Shettale Yojana 2024, in summary, is an important step toward empowering farmers in Maharashtra and advancing sustainable agriculture. Through the utilization of solar energy for irrigation, the program improves agricultural output and financial sustainability while simultaneously supporting environmental preservation initiatives. It is recommended that eligible farmers apply online for this project and embrace the advantages of renewable energy in agriculture.


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