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UYEGP Scheme 2024: Eligibility , Benefits and Apply Online


UYEGP Scheme 2024: The Government of India launched the flagship UYEGP Scheme 2024 to address the issues of urban unemployment and encourage economic empowerment among young people living in urban regions. Through promoting entrepreneurship and making financial support, training, and mentorship more accessible to young people who wish to start their own business, the program seeks to establish sustainable means of subsistence. The government of India launched the UYEGP (Urban Youth Employment Generation Programme) Scheme 2024 with the goal of giving urban youth in the country access to jobs and encouraging entrepreneurship. We’ll go over the requirements for eligibility, the advantages, and the online application process for the UYEGP Scheme 2024 in this thorough tutorial.

UYEGP Scheme 2024: Highlights

  • Scheme Name: UYEGP
  • Launch Year: 2022
  • Beneficiaries for: who have been citizens for the last three years.
  • Goals: Give low-income individuals loans and business assistance.
  • Subsidy: 25%
  • Website for the project:

Eligibility Criteria:

In order to be eligible to take part in the UYEGP Scheme 2024, applicants need to fulfill the following requirements:

  • Age: Candidates must be between the ages of 18 and 35.
  • Residency: Candidates must live in one of the government-designated metropolitan zones.
  • Education: Depending on the kind of enterprise being proposed, different minimum educational requirements may apply. In general, candidates had to have finished their secondary schooling (10th standard).
  • Priority Groups: Certain demographic groups, such as women, minorities, people with disabilities, and young people from low-income families, may be given preference.
  • Entrepreneurial Intent: Applicants should present feasible business concepts or projects and show a sincere desire in becoming entrepreneurs.

Benefits of UYEGP Scheme 2024:

The UYEGP Scheme 2024 provides qualified participants with a number of advantages, such as:

  • Financial Assistance: To start or grow their businesses, selected candidates receive loans, grants, or subsidies in the form of money. The kind and size of the business may have an impact on how much help is given.
  • Training for Skill Development: To improve participants’ technical knowledge in certain areas, business management skills, and entrepreneurial abilities, training programs and capacity-building initiatives are made available.
  • Mentoring & Guidance: To assist participants in developing and successfully implementing their business ideas, mentors and industry experts offer technical support, guidance, and counseling.
  • Market Connections: The program makes it easier for business owners to get into networks, marketplaces, and supply chains so they may establish connections with possible partners, suppliers, distributors, and buyers.
  • Financial Incentives and Subsidies: To stimulate participation and foster the expansion of qualified businesses, financial incentives such as tax breaks and other financial subsidies may be offered.
  • Employment Creation: Through fostering the formation and expansion of small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs), the program helps to reduce poverty, boost the economy, and create jobs in metropolitan areas.

How to Apply Online for UYEGP Scheme 2024:

The following steps are commonly involved in the UYEGP Scheme 2024 application process:

  • To apply for the scheme, you must adhere to the following application procedure: When you go to the official website, the homepage will show up.
  • The MSME home page offers the UYEGP option. You will reach a different page by clicking the link.
  • Click the “Apply Online” option on this new page, then select “New Application.”The application for the Unemployed Youth Employment Generation Program will be displayed.
  • The applicant must provide the entrepreneur’s email address, educational history, and basic information. Enter them accurately.
  • Next, upload scanned images that match the website’s specifications for size.
  • You must provide details regarding the Project Outlay, the Activities’ Start Address, the Category of the Venture, and the Line of Activity. You can review the list of documents that need to be uploaded after completing the form.
  • To proceed with the application, click the “Proceed” button. You will receive an application ID after submitting your application. Next, select “Upload Documents” under “Apply Online” under the Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises Department.
  • After entering the application ID, press the “Submit” button. Sending every file is acceptable.
  • Your form is submitted after you click “Submit.” Authorities will now investigate, confirm, and update you.
  • You will receive an interview call if you are accepted. The bank will be informed that the loan should be accepted if the applicant does well in the interview.
  • The bank will grant approval for the loan. A letter inviting participation in the EDP training will be sent to the interested party.

Monitoring and Evaluation:

Robust monitoring and evaluation methods are incorporated into the UYEGP Scheme 2024 to guarantee openness, accountability, and effectiveness. These could consist of:

  • Frequent Progress Reporting: To monitor the implementation and operation of their firms, participants must turn in financial statements, other supporting documents, and progress reports on a regular basis. Field
  • Visits and Inspections: To confirm the use of money, adherence to project timeframes, and compliance with program requirements, officials perform field visits, inspections, and audits.
  • Impact Assessment: The program measures the socioeconomic results, the creation of jobs and income, and the general efficacy of supported firms through impact assessments and evaluations.
  • Feedback Mechanisms: To get opinions, pinpoint problems, and enhance the plan’s creation and execution, stakeholders are asked to participate in surveys, consultations, and feedback sessions.


For urban youth in India, the UYEGP Scheme 2024 offers a priceless chance to start their own businesses, get out of the unemployment trap, and support economic development. The program helps prospective entrepreneurs achieve their business goals and establish sustainable means of subsistence for themselves and their communities by offering financial support, training, mentorship, and market connections. The objective of the UYEGP Scheme is to promote inclusive growth, entrepreneurship, and innovation in urban areas of India through efficient implementation, monitoring, and assessment.


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