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Rajasthan Bus Sarthi Yojana 2024: Full Details

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A major project to transform the state’s public transportation system is the Rajasthan Bus Sarthi Yojana 2024. With a comprehensive vision, this scheme aims to address the challenges faced by commuters while simultaneously promoting sustainable and efficient transportation solutions. An extensive examination of the main elements, goals, and advantages of this revolutionary plan is provided here.

Introduction to Rajasthan Bus Sarthi Yojana:

The state government’s innovative project, the Rajasthan Bus Sarthi Yojana, aims to enhance and modernize the public transportation infrastructure. It is intended to give Rajasthani inhabitants access to safe, dependable, and reasonably priced transportation options in both urban and rural locations. To improve the entire commuter experience, the concept places a strong emphasis on the integration of technology, sustainability, and inclusion.


Rajasthan Bus Sarthi Yojana 2024: Highlights

  • Name of the scheme: Rajasthan Bus Sarthi Yojana
  • Started by: Rajasthan Government
  • State: Rajasthan
  • Benefit for Citizens of the state
  • Objective: The main objective of this scheme is to meet the shortage of operators and increase income.
  • Application Process: Offline

Objectives of the Scheme:

  • To make public transportation more affordable and accessible to all societal segments.
  • To lessen roadway traffic by encouraging bus use as a favored means of transportation.
  • To raise the bar for bus service quality and safety throughout the whole state.
  • To lessen carbon emissions and promote the adoption of environmentally friendly practices.
  • To create jobs within the transportation industry.

Key Features of Rajasthan Bus Sarthi Yojana:

  • Fleet Modernization: As part of the plan, new buses with contemporary features like GPS tracking, CCTV cameras, and electronic payment terminals will be purchased.
  • Route Rationalization: Bus routes are optimized, particularly in underdeveloped areas, to guarantee improved coverage and connectivity.
  • Safety precautions: To safeguard passengers, certain safety guidelines are implemented, which include routine car maintenance and following traffic laws.
  • Reasonably priced Fare Structure: The program provides reasonable and competitive fare prices to enable individuals from all socioeconomic backgrounds to utilize public transportation.
  • Digital Integration: To improve commuter convenience, digital platforms for ticket purchasing, route information, and real-time tracking are implemented.
  • Community Involvement: To guarantee that the plan takes into account the requirements and preferences of the community, public feedback channels and stakeholder participation are set up.
  • Training programs are implemented to improve the driving, customer service, and emergency response skills of bus drivers and crew.

Benefits for Commuters:

  • Convenience: Traveling by bus is made easier and more convenient by the availability of well-maintained buses with effective routes and technological conveniences. The system guarantees the affordability of public transport for daily commuters by implementing fair fare structures.
  • Safety: Ensuring the security of passengers throughout their travel is achieved by strict adherence to safety regulations and surveillance methods.
  • Accessibility: The program makes isolated and rural places more accessible for people who depend on public transportation by extending bus services there.
  • Environmental Impact: Promoting bus travel helps maintain a sustainable environment by lowering individual carbon footprints.
  • Economic Opportunities: The program supports local communities and fosters economic growth by generating job opportunities in the transportation sector.

How many holidays will Bus Sarathi get under Rajasthan Bus Sarathi Scheme?

The following holidays are scheduled for Rajasthan Bus Sarathi. whose information is included below.

  • Bus charioteers will receive four days of weekly leave under the Rajasthan Bus Sarthi Yojana each month.
  • The bus driver will not receive pay for the days they are missing if the conductor doesn’t report for work for more than five days. Should a bus charioteer be absent, an additional Rs 500 and GST (for a maximum of 5 days) would be reimbursed by the salary amount.
  • In addition, the bus driver may receive a leave of absence from the Chief Manager for 10 days in special circumstances based on previously provided written notice.
  • However, on holidays, the bus conductor will not receive pay.

Implementation and Monitoring:

  • Efficient coordination among several government departments, transport authorities, and stakeholders is crucial for the triumphant execution of the Rajasthan Bus Sarthi Yojana.
  • To evaluate the effectiveness and impact of the program, methods for regular monitoring and assessment are implemented.
  • To resolve any issues or potential improvements, feedback from stakeholders and commuters is actively sought after and taken into consideration.

The process to apply under the Rajasthan Bus Sarthi Yojana 2024

You must submit your application offline to be considered for Rajasthan Roadways Recruitment under the Rajasthan Bus Sarathi Scheme 2024. To apply offline, follow these steps.

  • The application form must first be downloaded from the Rajasthan Bus Sarathi Yojana Notification.
  • Once the application has been downloaded, you must print the Bus Sarathi Yojana form from Mitra.
  • You must now carefully enter all of the requested information in the application form.
  • Once all the data has been entered, the application form needs to have a Rs 500 non-judicial stamp attached to it.
  • Following that, you must comply with the requirements and attach the form with all required documentation.
  • At the designated bus depot that is closest to you, please turn in this application.
  • This will conclude the application procedure for the Rajasthan Sarathi Scheme.


A major step toward changing the state’s public transportation system is the Rajasthan Bus Sarthi Yojana 2024. The initiative seeks to improve the general quality of life for the people of Rajasthan by prioritizing affordability, accessibility, safety, and sustainability. It also supports the conservation of the environment and economic growth. The goal of an advanced and effective public transportation system is being achieved via constant innovation, teamwork, and community involvement, empowering passengers and advancing the state.


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