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How to Apply For PM KUSUM Solar Yojana, Get 90% Subsidy

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Do you want to know more about PM KUSUM Schmee and want to apply for the Solar Yojana of PM  with subsidy, a person can get up to 90% subsidy for the PM KUSUM scheme. To get all the details of the PM KUSUM Scheme, study the details below.

PM KUSUM scheme full form is Pradhan Mantri Kisan Urja Suraksha Evam Utthaan Mahabhiyan. The KUSUM scheme was started in March 2019 by the Prime Minister. The central govt aims to raise the income of farmers. 


What Is the PM KUSUM Scheme?

Objectives of the KUSUM Scheme

The electricity-based pumps or diesel-based pumps come with a cost regularly. It is a concern for the farmer to give water to the crops. The govt aims to make a cutting-edge technique to solve the cultivation problem for farmers. The major purposes of launching the PM KUSUM scheme are listed below.

Features of the PM KUSUM Scheme

Who Is Eligible for the KUSUM Scheme?

What are the Benefits of the KUSUM Scheme?

How to Apply for the PM KUSUM Scheme?

What Documents You Should Have For the KUSUM Scheme

A person should have the following documents when he wants to apply for the PM KUSUM scheme. 


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