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How Much Money Has Been Allocated By Govt For Major Schemes In Budget 2024


The 6th Union Budget has been presented now. The finance minister of India Shri Mati Nirmala Sitharaman Ji has represented the budget with keeping focus on youth, women, and farmers. This annum there will be no changes in the taxes. 

Budget 2024: Highlights

The highlight of Budget 2024 is that the capital expenditure for the next year is increased by 11.1% which leads to 3.4% of the GDP. This will have a major impact on economic growth and employment generation. The number of airports will benow 149 which is doubled now. You will become familiar with a new deep-teach technology named ”atmanirbharta”. It will be used for defense purposes. 


Budget 2024: Allocation Of Funds

If we discuss the allocations of funds, the Ministry of Defence has the highest amount of Rs 6.2 Lakh Crore. The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways bags at Rs 2.78 lakh crore and the Agriculture Ministry is at the lowest amount of Rs 1.27 lakh crore. We have given the list of funds allocated to various ministries in Budget 2024.

  • Fund for Ministry of Defence- Rs 6.2 Lakh Crore
  • Fund for Mini.of Road Transport/Highways- Rs 2.78 Lakh Crore
  • Fund for Mini. of Railways- Rs 2.55 Lakh Crore
  • Fund for Mini.of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution- Rs 2.13Lakh Crore
  • Fund for Mini.of Home Affairs- Rs 2.03 Lakh Crore
  • Fund for Mini.of Rural Development- Rs 1.77 Lakh Crore
  • Fund for Mini.of Chemicals/Fertilizers- Rs 1.68 Lakh Crore
  • Fund for Mini.of Communications- Rs 1.37 Lakh Crore
  • Fund for Mini.of Agriculture/Farmer Welfare- Rs 1.27Lakh Crore

Budget 2024: Allocations Of Funds For Major Flagship Govt Schemes

The Budget 2024 specifies how much amount is allocated to which scheme. We will elaborate on the funds allocated to various govt schemes in Budget 2024. 

  1. The amount for PM/Ayushman Bharat Health Infra. Mission (PMABHIM)- Rs 100 Crore
  2. The amount for PM/Ayushman Bharat Health Infra. Mission (PMABHIM) CSS- Rs 1732.87 Crore
  3. The amount for PM/Swasthya Suraksha Yojana- Rs 0.01 Crore
  4. The amount for 100 Smart Cities- Rs 7535.08 Crore
  5. The amount for AMRUT- Rs 4222.93 Crore
  6. The amount for Swachh Bharat Mission- Rs 1978.33 Crore
  7. The amount for PM/Awas Yojana (Urban)- Rs 19966.63 Crore
  8. The amount for Accelerated Irrigation Benefit Programme/National/Special Projects- Rs 1500 Crore
  9. The amount for Atal Bhujal Yojana- Rs 93 Crore
  10. The amount for Namami Gange Mission II National Ganga Plan- Rs 2324 Crore
  11. The amount for PM/Krishi Sinchai Yojana (HKKP)- Rs 600 Crore
  12. The amount for Jal Jeevan Mission- Rs 64935.49 Crore
  13. The amount for Swachh Bharat Mission (Gramin)- Rs 0.04 Crore
  14. Amount for Establishment of New Technology Centres- Rs 5.04 Crore
  15. The amount for Khadi Gramodyog Vikas Yojana (KGVY)- Rs 39.62 Crore
  16. The amount for Coir Vikas Yojana- Rs 6.89 Crore
  17. The amount for the MSME Champion Scheme- Rs 0.10 Crore
  18. The amount for Mahatma Gandhi Institute for Rural Industrialization- Rs 4.09 Crore
  19. The amount for Sahari Waqf Sampati Vikas Yojna- Rs 3.00 Crore
  20. The amount for PM/Jan Vikas Karyakaram- Rs 547.90 Crore
  21. The amount for Rashtriya Gram Swaraj Abhiyan- Rs 225.00 Crore
  22. The amount for Pradhan Mantri JI-VAN Yojana- Rs 151.99 Crore
  23. The amount for the Reform Linked Distribution Scheme- Rs 10150.00 Crore
  24. The amount for the Scheme for Advance Ultra Super Critical Plant- Rs 0.01 Crore
  25. The amount for Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme(MGNREGA)- Rs 85034.65 Crore
  26. The amount for National Rural Livelihood Mission -Aajeevika- Rs 40.00 Crore
  27. The amount for PM/Awas Yojana (PMAY) ¨Rural- Rs 27740.69 Crore
  28. The amount for PM/Gram Sadak Yojana(PMGSY)- Rs 16317.03 Crore
  29. The amount for PM/Kaushal Vikas Yojana- Rs 57.40 Crore
  30. The amount for PM/Anusuchit Jaati Abhyuday Yojana (PM AJAY)- Rs 23.00 Crore
  31. The amount for the MP Local Area Development Scheme- Rs 2593.50 Crore
  32. The amount for the Integrated Processing Development Scheme- Rs 24.80 Crore
  33. The amount for PM-MITRA- Rs 37.30 Crore
  34. The amount for PM/Janjati Adivasi Nyaya Maha Abhiyan (PN JANMAN)- Rs 100.00 Crore
  35. The amount for the Interest Equalisation Scheme- Rs 3700.00 Crore
  36. The amount for the Modified Interest Subvention Scheme- Rs 18500.00 Crore

Pdf of Budget 2024

Individuals who want to save the pdf of the Budget 2024 can save it from the link provided below


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