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Haryana Free Scooty Yojana 2024


Haryana govt has launched a new scheme for the benefit of girls. It is the Haryana Free Scooty Scheme. The scheme of free Scooty will be controlled by the center govt and the state govt of Haryana. The Haryana Free Scooty Scheme 2024 is for college-going girls. Free Scooties will be provided to the college girls in Haryana by the govt. The girls are required to register for the Haryana Free Scooty Scheme 2024. 

The Haryana govt has built a special website where girls can apply for the Haryana Free Scooty Scheme. We will explain each step and requirements for the Haryana Free Scooty Scheme, study the below details.


Haryana Free Scooty Scheme 2024

The scheme will cover the girls whose parents work in the Labor Dept of Haryana. The Haryana govt wants to help those girls by giving them free electric scooters so that they can go to college independently. A help of Rs 50000 will given directly to the girls and the money will be sent to their bank accounts. The girls can buy their favorite scooters for the college. The Scooty should be electric. 

The girls who faced traveling problems for their studies in college and meet the eligibility requirements for the Haryana Free Scooty Scheme 2024 should apply for this scheme. For this, an application form will be filled out by the girl and submitted along with the documents. You should be a Haryana resident and your parents are working in the Labour Dept or are registered construction workers. Get more details below.

Haryana Free Scooty Scheme: Objective 

Some girls are good at studies and want to pursue higher education after school, but the colleges in which they want admission are far away from their homes, and bus services are also not regular like the timings of the buses are fixed. In such a situation, parents did not send a girl child for higher education. The Haryana govt understands these traveling-related issues with the girls and launched the Haryana Free Scooty Scheme. 

This scheme will benefit all those girls who want to go to college and can not afford the Scooty. Now, an amount of Rs 50000 will be given to all needy girls to buy electric Scooty. 

Eligibility For Haryana Free Scooty Scheme

  1. The girl child should be from Haryana, she has a Haryana resident certificate.
  2. The age of the girls should be more than 18 years.
  3. The scheme will not cover married girls.
  4. The girl should be a daughter of registered labor. 
  5. The girls who want the free scooter should have a driving license.
  6. The family of the girl does not have any electric or fuel vehicles.
  7. The girl is required to show proof of admission to the college.
  8. The girls who buy the electrical scooter will have to upload a photo of the scooter within one month.
  9. A girl can benefit from the Haryana Free Scooty Scheme only once. 

Documents Required For Haryana Free Scooty Scheme

  • The girl should have an Aadhar card, Address proof, caste certificate, I Certificate, driving license, labor copy, and declaration certificate.
  • The girls should have a bank account and the passbook must be linked to the Aadhar card.
  • The declaration certificate from the headmaster is necessary.

Save the Form and Document Form Here

  • Undertaking:
  • Work Slip: 

How to apply for the Haryana Free Scooty Scheme

The girls who want to apply for the Haryana Free Scooty Scheme should visit the web page of the Haryana govt here, This page has all the official details of the Haryana Free Scooty Scheme. The scheme will provide you the amount of Rs 5000o for buying the new scooter for girls for higher education purposes.

The govt of Hraayan has not launched a specific website for the Haryana Free Scooty Scheme yet. Maybe the Haryana govt will start accepting applications from eligible girls in the schools or maybe the application form submission process will be online. All the details for accepting the forms for the Haryana Free Scooty Scheme will be released soon by the Haryana govt. The girls should keep an eye on the official web portal of the Labiur Dept of Haryana, the link is shared above, for regular updates. Or you can visit our website, we will inform you about the updates of the Haryana Free Scooty Scheme when the details are announced. 

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