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Manohar Jyoti Yojana 2024 || Haryana Solar – Objective , Benefits and How to Apply.


It’s no secret that a large portion of the population in our nation does not have access to power, and living without it is a challenge in the modern day. This leads to an increase in the use of electricity. In light of this, the Manohar Jyoti Yojana was launched by Haryana Chief Minister Shri Manohar Lal Khattar. Using this post, we will give you all the pertinent information on the Manohar Jyoti Yojana 2024 today. things like what the Manohar Jyoti Yojana is, its advantages, objectives, how to apply, etc. It is therefore suggested that you read our post through to the conclusion if you want to learn everything there is to know about the Manohar Jyoti Yojana, friends.

Understanding Manohar Jyoti Yojana 2024

A bold initiative named for the respected leader Manohar Lal Khattar, the Government of Haryana has launched the Manohar Jyoti Yojana 2024. Encouragement of solar energy adoption in state homes and communities is the main objective of this program. The government wants to accomplish sustainable growth while concurrently addressing issues of energy security and the environment by utilizing the copious solar resources that exist in Haryana.


Key Points of Manohar Jyoti Yojana 2024

  • Name of the Yojana: Manohar Jyoti Yojana
  • Who launched the Yojana:  Haryana government
  • Benefit for The citizens of Haryana
  • Objective:  The main objective of this Yojana is to promote renewable energy.
  • Official website: year 2024

Objectives of Manohar Jyoti Yojana 2024

Manohar Jyoti Yojana 2024’s goals are broad and cover a range of sustainable development topics, including:

Encouraging the Adoption of Solar Energy: Through the installation of solar panels on roofs and vacant land, the program seeks to encourage homes and communities to embrace solar energy.

Minimizing Reliance on Conventional Energy Sources: The government aims to improve energy security and resilience by promoting the use of solar energy and lowering reliance on fossil fuels and conventional electrical grids.

Conservation of the Environment: By lowering carbon emissions and lessening the effects of climate change, solar energy is a clean, renewable resource that helps maintain environmental sustainability. The initiative seeks to reduce the energy generation’s environmental impact in Haryana by encouraging the use of solar energy.

Economic Empowerment: By lowering their electricity costs and maybe earning money from excess solar power generated, Manohar Jyoti Yojana 2024 participants stand to gain financially.

Jobs Creation: It is anticipated that encouraging the use of solar energy would lead to jobs in several industries, such as solar panel production, installation, maintenance, and related services, all of which will support economic expansion and advancement.

Benefits of Manohar Jyoti Yojana 2024

The program provides members with a host of advantages, such as:

Subsidized Installation: By providing financial incentives and subsidies to participants to help defray the cost of installing solar panels, solar energy adoption becomes more accessible and affordable.

Lower Electricity expenses: Over time, individuals can save a lot of money and gain more financial security by utilizing solar energy to cut down on their electricity expenses.

Environmental Impact: The usage of solar energy promotes sustainability and environmental conservation by lowering greenhouse gas emissions and reducing the effects of climate change.

Energy Independence: By lowering reliance on conventional energy systems and boosting energy security, solar power offers homes and communities a dependable and sustainable supply of electricity.

Technological Advancement: By supporting the use of contemporary solar technology, the program promotes creativity, investigation, and growth within the field of renewable energy.

How to Apply for Manohar Jyoti Yojana 2024

Accessing the Manohar Jyoti Yojana 2024 online form is an easy process. This is a comprehensive guide:

Check out the Official Website: Visit the Haryana government’s official website or the Manohar Jyoti Yojana 2024 portal.

Find the Section on the Scheme: On the website, look for the section devoted to the scheme or solar energy projects.

Examine the eligibility and guidelines: To confirm your eligibility for participation, go over the website’s instructions, eligibility requirements, and paperwork requirements.

Locate the Online Application: Find the online application form made especially for the Manohar Jyoti Yojana 2024.

Complete the necessary fields: Provide precise information about your personal information, property details, and electricity consumption in the online form.

Document provides: To support your application, provide the necessary files, as listed, including identification, proof of residency, and titles to real estate.

Examine and Submit: Before submitting the form electronically, make sure that the information supplied is correct and accurate.

Verification: Once your application has been successfully submitted, save the website’s confirmation number or application reference number for your records.

Wait for Information: Find out more about the status of your application and any further actions that need to be taken by waiting for additional information from the authorities.

Helpline Number

We hope that this page has given you all the information you need to know about the Haryana Manohar Jyoti Yojana 2021. Sending an email or calling the helpdesk number will help you resolve any issues you may still be having. The following is the hotline number and email address.


The government’s vision of an energy-efficient and sustainable future for Haryana is embodied in the Manohar Jyoti Yojana 2024. Through the provision of financial support to participants and incentives for the adoption of solar energy, the plan not only tackles environmental and energy security issues but also promotes economic growth and development. Filling out the online form to participate is a simple process that guarantees accessibility and convenience for those who are interested. By working together and involving everyone, Haryana is getting closer to meeting its goals for renewable energy and creating a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future for future generations.

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