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Khelo India Scholarship Scheme 2024|| Registration , Amount and Eligibility


One of the government of India’s premier initiatives for developing and assisting young athletes nationwide is the Khelo India Scholarship Scheme. Established to encourage sports at the community level and to find and develop future champions, the program has been crucial in giving aspiring athletes cash support and other resources. With updated provisions to ensure its efficacy and relevance, the initiative is still crucial in forming India’s athletic scene as of 2024.

A ₹ 7,71,30,000 Out-of-Pocket Allowance for 2571 Khelo India Athletes is being announced by the Sports Authority of India for the fourth quarter of the fiscal year 2023–2024. Part of the Khelo India Scholarship Program is the amount made available. For further information about the Khelo India Scholarship Scheme, see the article below.


Khelo India Scholarship Scheme 2024

For the fiscal year 2023–2024, the Sports Authority of India (SAI) has put aside around Rs. 30.83 crore. An Out-of-Pocket Allowance (OPA) of INR 7,71,30,000 would be given to 2571 Khelo India athletes for the fourth quarter. The Khelo India Scholarship Program, which promotes athletes’ long-term development, includes this amount. The long-term development program has identified about 3000 athletes as Khelo India athletes. Each of these athletes receives a yearly out-of-pocket budget of ₹1,20,000, plus an additional ₹5 lakh for competition and training expenses.

Khelo India Scholarship Details in Highlights

  • Scheme name: Khelo India Scholarship Scheme
  • Department: Sports Authority of India
  • Objective of the Scheme: The main objective of the Scheme is to find and foster the nation’s athletic talent.
  • Mode to apply: Online
  • Beneficial for Residential players participating in the annual Khelo India scholarship program at accredited academies.
  • Official website:

Objectives of the Khelo India Scholarship Scheme

For athletes to realize their full potential, the primary goal of the scholarship program is to promote a strong sense of participation in sports. The general development of our nation is greatly aided by athletics. In the last many years, India has made significant progress in the sports industry. This immense potential must be demonstrated globally. The goal of the Khelo India plan is to revitalize India’s sports culture at the grassroots level by building a strong foundation for every sport played in the country and positioning it as a top athlete.

Benefits of the Khelo India Scholarship Scheme

The following are a few advantages of the scholarship program:

  • In keeping with the long-term growth plan of the Khelo India Scheme, almost 3000 athletes are designated as Khelo India athletes.
  • An annual stipend of Rs. 1,20,000 is given to each athlete out of their own money.
  • For training and competition, each athlete additionally gets an extra Rs. 5 Lakh.
  • In Q1, Q2, Q3, and Q4 of 2023–2024, the athletes received ₹ 30,83,30,000 in total cash.
  • The sum announced for the January–February–March 2024 fourth quarter of 2023–2024 comprises these months.
  • A scholarship of Rs. 6.28 lakhs is given annually to approximately 3000 exceptionally gifted athletes through the Khelo India program for training, coaching, nutrition, outfitting, medical insurance, kits, and out-of-pocket costs.

Amount Released for 2023-24 to Khelo India Athletes (KIAs)

The total sum released in years 2023–24 to Khelo India Athletes (KIAs) is listed in the table below. The Khelo India Scholarship Scheme’s scholarship amount is determined by several variables, such as the athlete’s sport of choice, level of competition, and program regulations. To optimize the scholarship program’s influence on the growth of athletic potential in India, the government allows cash for the program by budgetary constraints and strategic priorities.

Previous years’ scholarship amounts have varied widely, from a few thousand to several lakhs, with athletes who have proven to be exceptionally talented and have the potential to succeed in the future usually receiving larger sums. The scholarship money will be used to pay for coaching fees, equipment prices, travel charges, and other relevant costs that come with participating in sports and training.

Deserving athletes receive their scholarship money in a timely and transparent way, thanks to the efforts of the authorities in charge of executing the Khelo India Scholarship Scheme. If they want to make sure that the program is accountable and effective in reaching its goals, they might set up systems for tracking and assessing how scholarship monies are used.

Q1: 2848 –  KIAs  ₹ 7,36,70,000
Q2: 2684 –  KIAs  ₹ 7,81,10,000
Q3: 2663 –  KIAs  ₹ 7,94,20,000
Q4: 2571 –  KIAs  ₹ 7,71,30,000

Documents Required

The paperwork needed for the scholarship program is listed below.

Candidates’ Aadhar card, passport-size photo, PAN card, account number Cell phone number Give evidence.

Eligibility Criteria for the Khelo India Scholarship Scheme

Make sure you meet all of the qualifying requirements listed below before applying for the scholarship program.

  • The candidate must be Indian.
  • The Khelo India Youth Games Scholarship is available to all athletes who train at the Khelo India Academy and live in residential schools.
  • Included in this are 2,189 individuals from 21 different disciplines, including para-athletes.

Application Process of Khelo India Scholarship Scheme

Please complete the application procedure by following the steps listed below if you would want to apply for the scholarship program.

  • Check out Khelo India’s official webpage.
  • Navigate to the “apply here” option on the home screen and select it.
  • You will be presented with a new page; carefully fill in all the requested information.
  • Add the required files to your upload.
  • Select the option to submit.
  • To use at a later time, save the application in PDF format.


Giving young athletes in India the means and encouragement they need to follow their athletic aspirations, the Khelo India Scholarship Scheme remains a ray of hope. The plan aims to find and nurture talent at the grassroots level and develop them into future champions who can bring glory to the country in the international arena through its rigorous qualifying requirements, transparent cash allocation, and robust registration process.

The Khelo India Scholarship Scheme is dedicated to its goal of encouraging a culture of sports excellence and enabling athletes to realize their full potential, even as the sporting environment of India continuously changes and new talent appears. In addition to changing the lives of individual athletes, the program helps Indian sports flourish globally by providing funding for the development of young athletes.

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