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Assam Employee Health Assusrance Scheme 2024: Registration and Benefits

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Beginning on February 1st, the Assam government will implement a new employee health insurance plan. We will discuss the contents of the Assam Employee Health Assurance Scheme 2023 with you all in this article today. We shall moreover apprise you of all the attributes, advantages, and goals that the Assamese citizens will experience as a result of the program. We’ll also go over all the steps you need to follow to apply for the Assam Employee Health Insurance Scheme 2023 in this article today.

The Assam Employee Health Assurance Scheme 2023 will benefit about 4.3 lakh Assamese State Government workers. Furthermore, the Request for Proposals for this project was just released by the relevant Assam government entities. The program is scheduled to launch on February 1st. The program will also include the families of recently hired State Government employees. This scheme will also cover civil officers.


Objective Of the Assam Employee Health Assurance Scheme

Ensuring benefits for all State Government employees in the Assam region is the primary goal of this initiative. Any costs associated with the health risks that State Government employees face will be covered by their insurance. An insurance benefit worth up to 300,000 rupees a year would be provided to State Government employees. Nevertheless, to make this plan appear more realistic and reliable to all state employees, new illnesses like the coronavirus will also be included. This Scheme would provide a plethora of chances for State Government employees.

Details Of Assam Employee Health Assurance Scheme 2023

  • Name: Assam Employee Health Assurance Scheme 2023
  • Launched by: Assam Government
  • Objective: Providing health benefits
  • Beneficiaries: State Government employees of Assam state
  • Official site

Registration Procedure:

Eligibility Details:

  • To be able to register for the AEHAS 2024, a person needs to be a permanent resident of Assam.
  • Working in one of the state’s authorized establishments.
  • Not covered by any other government health insurance program already.

Channels of Registration:

  • Online Portal: Eligible employees can register online at the AEHAS 2024 website by submitting the required information and paperwork.
  • Camps for Enrollment: Enrollment camps are arranged periodically around Assam to help anyone who might have trouble registering online.
  • Recognized Centers: Applicants may submit their information in person at specific government agencies and medical establishments that are recognized centers for AEHAS registration.

Documents Required:

  • Aadhar Card: Evidence of residency and identity.
  • Employment Certificate: A record attesting to one’s employment in a business that has been registered.
  • Information about the bank account: requirements for reimbursement and cashless transactions.
  • The size of a passport Photos: For the sake of identity.

How to Register:

  • Go to the online enrollment page for AEHAS 2024 or the assigned location.
  • Provide true personal and work information on the registration form.
  • To ensure verification, upload or submit the necessary papers.
  • Wait for an SMS or email confirmation of your registration.
  • After registering successfully, you will receive a unique identification number (UIN) for your records.

Benefits of AEHAS 2024:

  • Full-Service Health Care: Hospitalization costs, such as lodging, surgery, and medication, are paid for when receiving inpatient services. Services for Outpatients: This type of care includes diagnostic testing, prescription drugs, and consultation costs.
  • Benefits related to pregnancy: The plan covers prenatal care, birth costs, and postpartum care. Cashless Care: All hospitals and healthcare institutions in Assam that have partnered with registered beneficiaries can provide cashless care. Quick and easy access to healthcare without breaking the bank is guaranteed by the cashless system.
  • Emergency Medical Services: AEHAS 2024 provides emergency ambulance services to transport patients to the closest medical facility. Emergency medical care is provided, encompassing essential interventions and trauma care.
  • Pre- and Post-Hospitalization Benefits: By the terms of the plan, costs for diagnostic tests, follow-up appointments, and prescription drugs are covered both before and after hospitalization.
  • Facilities for Telemedicine: AEHAS 2024 includes telemedicine services that allow beneficiaries to consult doctors at a distance for non-emergency medical issues. Access to healthcare services is improved by this feature, particularly in Assamese areas that are underserved or distant.

Procedures for Availing Benefits:

  • Hospitalization: At the affiliated hospital, beneficiaries must show their AEHAS 2024 UIN and Aadhaar card in the event of hospitalization. Cashless therapy is implemented by the hospital and payments are made directly through the program. The beneficiary is responsible for covering any additional costs or co-payments above the coverage limit.
  • Outpatient treatments: Eligible recipients may visit any accredited clinic or medical facility to obtain outpatient treatments. Following the consultation, a bill outlining the services received is generated by the healthcare practitioner. The beneficiary applies for reimbursement to the AEHAS office by submitting the bill and required paperwork.
  • Emergency Medical Assistance: Beneficiaries should contact the emergency ambulance service or the AEHAS helpdesk in the event of a medical emergency. When they arrive at the specified medical institution, the plan pays for the required medical interventions as well as other costs.
  • Telemedicine Consultations: Beneficiaries can use the AEHAS website or helpline to make appointments to get telemedicine services. In the course of the appointment, recipients provide the telemedicine practitioner with their UIN and talk about any health issues they may have. Medical advice and prescriptions are sent electronically, and local pharmacies are the source of any necessary drugs.


In the state, the Assam Employee Health Assurance Scheme 2024 is a shining example of healthcare accessibility and inclusivity. AEHAS 2024 seeks to enhance the health and well-being of Assamese workers by rationalizing the registration procedure, providing all-inclusive healthcare coverage, and incorporating contemporary healthcare technologies such as telemedicine. This program could greatly enhance healthcare results and advance Assam’s general socio-economic development if it is implemented well and made widely known.

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