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Rajasthan Mukhyamantri Krishak Sathi Yojana: Benefits , Eligibility and Apply Online



An important project of the Rajasthani government is the Rajasthan Mukhyamantri Krishak Sathi Yojana (RMKSY), which aims to offer farmers in the state all-encompassing support and aid. Designed to improve agricultural output and empower farmers, this program offers a range of incentives and benefits to support farmers and their families in improving their socioeconomic status. The benefits, requirements, and online application process for the Rajasthan Mukhyamantri Krishak Sathi Yojana are covered in detail in this article.

Information about Rajasthan Mukhyamantri Krishik Sathi Yojana 2024

  •  Introduced by: The Mukhyamantri Krishak Sathi Yojana, Rajasthan,
  • Objective: Aim to provide financial assistance to farmers in the state in the event of an accident.
  • The official website: launch soon
  • Budget for the scheme: Rs 2000 Crore.

Benefits of Rajasthan Mukhyamantri Krishak Sathi Yojana:

  • Financial Support: To help farmers in their agricultural endeavors, RMKSY offers financial support. This support can take the kind of grants, subsidies, or direct financial aid to cover a range of costs, including buying machinery, seeds, fertilizer, and other supplies.
  • Crop Insurance: The program helps farmers obtain crop insurance, protecting them against crop loss brought on by pests, illnesses, or natural disasters. This makes sure that farmers don’t have to pay for all of their losses when bad things happen.
  • Training & Capacity Building: By planning training sessions, workshops, and seminars, RMKSY aims to improve farmers’ abilities and expertise. Through these programs, farmers will learn about contemporary farming methods, environmentally friendly farming practices, and effective resource management.
  • Infrastructure Development: Funds are allotted under this initiative to build agricultural infrastructure, including farm roads, storage facilities, and irrigation systems. Improving productivity and lowering post-harvest losses depend heavily on this infrastructure development.
  • Market Links: By assisting farmers in connecting with buyers directly and cutting out middlemen, RMKSY creates market links for them. As a result, farmers can increase their overall revenue and obtain higher prices for their produce.

Eligibility Criteria for Rajasthan Mukhyamantri Krishak Sathi Yojana:

Farmers must meet specific qualifying requirements established by the government to get benefits from RMKSY. The main prerequisites for eligibility are as follows:

  • Rajasthani resident: The candidate must be a resident of Rajasthan and provide verification of residency, such as a voter ID, Aadhar card, or domicile certificate, to be considered.
  • Farmer Identification: The candidate needs to be registered as a farmer with the Department of Agriculture or any other government-recognized relevant agency.
  • Ownership of Land: Either the farmer owns the land or they have a lease that is specifically for farming. During the application process, you might need to provide lease documentation or proof of land ownership.
  • Farmers who are tiny and marginal: These farmers may be given preference because they need more assistance and are frequently more susceptible to economic fluctuations.
  • Scheme Guidelines: To be eligible for benefits, farmers must follow the rules and regulations outlined by the Rajasthan Mukhyamantri Krishak Sathi Yojana.

Documents Required for Rajasthan Mukhyamantri Krishak Sathi Yojana 2024

The Rajasthan Mukhyamantri Krishak Sathi Yojana application process requires the following paperwork.

  • Application using the format required by law.
  • The Panchnama Police Enquiry Report and the FIR.
  • In the event of a death, a postmortem report or a death certificate proving the age Report on Case Acceptance by Sub Divisional Magistrate.
  • The Director of Insurance may require further documentation, such as the Medical Board or Civil Surgeon’s Disability Certificate in the event of a permanent disability and a Photo Compensation Bond Hair Detail Report of incapacity.

How to Apply Online for Rajasthan Mukhyamantri Krishak Sathi Yojana:

To make the online application process for RMKSY more convenient for farmers, the government has simplified it. Listed below is a detailed how-to instruction for applying:

  • Start by going to the official website. Open the RMKSY dedicated portal or the Department of Agriculture, Government of Rajasthan, official website.
  • Step 2: Enrollment To register for an account on the portal, use the “Sign Up” or “Register” option. Give the necessary information—name, address, phone number, etc.—and select a username and password to enable login.
  • Step 3: Register Use your username and password to access your account after registering.
  • Step 4: Complete the application. Look for the Rajasthan Mukhyamantri Krishak Sathi Yojana application form, then fill it out completely. Please attach any necessary documents, including identification of the farmer, evidence of residency, titles to land, etc.
  • Step 5: Send in your application Verify the completed application form to make sure all the information is accurate and comprehensive. Submit the application online using the site after that.
  • Step Six: Monitoring Applications Once your application has been submitted, you can use the portal to check its status online. After processing your application, the authorities will let you know if it is approved or if any additional steps are needed.
  • Step 7: Reap Rewards As soon as the scheme rules are followed, you can begin receiving benefits under the Rajasthan Mukhyamantri Krishak Sathi Yojana.


The government of Rajasthan has launched an admirable program called the Rajasthan Mukhyamantri Krishak Sathi Yojana, which aims to improve the lives of farmers and boost the agricultural industry. The initiative helps farmers overcome a range of obstacles and increases their income and productivity by offering financial support, training, crop insurance, infrastructure development, and market connections. Assuring simple access to benefits for qualified farmers through the expedited online application process, the government fosters inclusivity and enhances implementation efficiency. Ultimately, RMKSY is evidence of the government’s dedication to farmers’ welfare and the growth of Rajasthan’s agricultural industry.

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