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PIK Nuksan Bharpai 2024: Beneficial For Maharashtra Farmers


To safeguard the financial requirements of the state’s farmers, the Maharashtra government has developed the PIK Vima Yojana for 2024. In this post, we will provide our readers with the details of the PIK Nuksan Bharpai Yojana for 2024. The contents of the scheme, which was introduced by the Chief Minister of Maharashtra state for the next year of 2024, will all be covered in this article, including eligibility requirements, the application process, benefits, and more.

PIK Nuksan Bharpai 2024 

The Maharashtra farmers will no longer have to worry about their crops being damaged by natural disasters like floods or droughts thanks to the central government’s PIK Vima Yojana, which offers insurance coverage. PIK Nuksan Bharpai will offer Maharashtra state farmers several incentives so that, if an accident destroys their crops, they will still have enough money to continue living their everyday lives. From a financial capacity standpoint, the farmers’ greatest asset will be the scheme.


PIK Nuksan Bharpai Overview

Yojana Name PIK Vima Yojana
Year 2024
Who Started Government of Maharashtra
Objectives Providing crop insurance
For Maharashtra Farmers
State Maharashtra
Apply Mode Online
Official Website


PIK Nuksan Bharpai : Compensation Amount

The following list shows the amount of compensation for various accidents:

  • Initially, compensation for Rs 8 lacs will be given if a farmer perishes due to an animal attack of any kind.
  • Second, Rs. 15,000 will be given as compensation if the farmer sustains injuries as a result of any form of animal assault.
  • Third, a farmer will receive compensation for fifty or forty rupees if an animal assault destroys their crops.
  • If the fourth sugarcane crop is damaged, compensation of Rs. 800 per meter ton would be given.
  • Fifth, compensation of Rs. 4,800 will be given if a coconut tree is destroyed.
  • Sixth, Rs. 2800 will be given as compensation if a supari crop is damaged.
  • Seventh, compensation of Rs. 36,000 will be given in the case that a mango tree is destroyed.

PIK Nuksan Bharpai: Eligibility Criteria

You must meet the requirements listed below to be eligible for this scheme:

  • The applicant needs to be an Indian farmer.
  • The candidate needs to be a state resident of Maharashtra.
  • The applicant has to be from a group that falls below the poverty level.
  • The program has no upper age limit.
  • The applicant’s farming activity must provide the majority of their revenue.

PIK Nuksan Bharpai : Important Documents

If you are applying for the Insurance Scheme, the following paperwork is needed:

  • Passport-sized photo
  • Aadhar, Pan, and Voter ID cards
  • Maharashtra income certificate and residence certificate
  • Land documents Bank details
  • Passbook Kisan

PIK Nuksan Bharpai: Benefits & Features

As declared by our nation’s prime minister, the PIK Nuksan Bharpai has numerous advantages. Farmers in the state of Maharashtra will also receive several incentives from the Maharashtra government as a result of the scheme’s adoption. Through this incentive, farmers will see a rise in their financial revenue and be prevented from making poor life decisions owing to the loss of their crops to natural or man-made disasters. If the farmers in Maharashtra state find that their crops are dead, this plan has proven to be a way out. The farmers will learn several cutting-edge and modern agricultural techniques through this program as well.

How To Apply For PIK Nuksan Bharpai

You must take the easy actions listed below to apply for the PIK Vima Yojana:”-

  • See the official website by clicking this link first.
  • Select the PIK Vima Yojana tab on the website.
  • Click the link to the application.
  • You will see the application form on the following page.
  • Complete the online application.
  • Upload every document requested.
  • Press the submit button.

Beneficiary List of PIK Vima Yojana

The easy steps listed below must be followed to view the scheme beneficiary list:

  • To view the beneficiary list, visit the Department of Agriculture’s official website, which is run by the Maharashtra government.
  • The “Pradhan Mantri PikVima Yojana Beneficiary list” link, which is accessible in the middle of the page on the right, must be clicked from the home page.
  • The PIK Vima Yojana Beneficiary List
  • Now, a new page with links to the beneficiary list will show up on the screen. Look for your name in the list.

PIK Nuksan Bharpai: Mobile Application

  • To obtain the mobile application, visit the Department of Agriculture’s official website, which is run by the Maharashtra government.
  • Navigate to the “governance” option on the home page, then click the drop-down menu to choose “mobile app.”
  • Along with the source list where you can download the application, the list of mobile applications will show up on the screen.
  • You must download crop insurance to use this plan; it may be found on the farmer portal, the m Kisan portal, and the Google Play Store.
  • Go to the store or website, look for the “crop insurance” app, and allow it to download to your phone.

PIK Nuksan Bharpai: Contact Details

  • M.S. Central Building 3’rd floor, Pune 411 001
  • Email [email protected]
  • Kisan Call Center:1800-1801551
  • Agri.Dept: 1800-2334000


Q1: What is the official portal for the scheme application?

Answer =

Q2: What is the Objective of the Scheme?

Answer = The main objective of the Scheme is to provide crop insurance to the farmers.


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