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AICTE Free Laptop Yojana 2024: Registration , Apply Online , Eligibility , Benefits and more


The All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) is leading the way in increasing digital literacy and closing the digital divide among students in India through the AICTE Free Laptop Yojana 2024. This program, which aims to give free computers to qualified recipients, aims to give students from all backgrounds access to necessary digital resources. In this extensive tutorial, we will go into all the details surrounding the AICTE Free Laptop Yojana, covering its registration procedure, qualifying requirements, advantages, and online application process for prospective students to take advantage of this priceless chance.

Background of AICTE Free Laptop Yojana

The AICTE Free Laptop Yojana expands on the groundwork established by earlier programs designed to improve students’ digital access and literacy. The AICTE has taken the initiative to put programs in place that guarantee students have access to necessary digital tools because it recognizes the transformative impact of technology in education. The plan’s 2024 iteration demonstrates the government’s dedication to encouraging digital inclusiveness and equipping pupils for the difficulties of the digital era.


Eligibility Criteria

The Free Laptop Yojana has specific qualifying requirements that the AICTE has set to guarantee the just and equal allocation of resources. The following conditions must be fulfilled by potential beneficiaries:

  • Citizenship: To be eligible for the program, applicants must be citizens of India.
  • Enrollment: Candidates must be enrolled in a recognized school that has received AICTE approval. Both technical and non-technical courses are offered by these universities.
  • Income Requirements: To be eligible for the plan, applicants may need to meet certain income requirements. Students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds will be given priority as a result.
  • Marginalized Communities Preference: Candidates from economically disadvantaged groups or marginalized communities may receive preference. This is consistent with the government’s aim to advance inclusiveness and social fairness.
  • Academic Performance: Although not mentioned specifically, the selection process may also be influenced by merit-based factors including academic performance. Preference may be given to students who have a history of outstanding academic performance.

Registration Process

Generally, an online registration method with a dedicated portal is used for the AICTE Free Laptop Yojana. The following actions must be taken by potential candidates to finish the registration process:

  • Visit the Official Website: Interested parties should go to the Free Laptop Yojana’s dedicated portal or the AICTE’s official website.
  • Go over the guidelines: To comprehend the requirements for eligibility and the registration process, carefully read the guidelines and instructions offered on the website. Complete the Registration Form. Provide accurate personal and academic information when completing the registration form. Information like name, residence, school, course information, and so forth may be included in this.
  • Place Documents Online: Upload supporting files, such as identification documents, income certificates, and enrollment verification. Make sure the writing is readable and clear.
  • Examine Information: Verify the accuracy and completeness of the data entered. Before submitting the form, all errors and discrepancies must be fixed.
  • Submit Form: Using the web portal, submit the registration form after providing the necessary data and supporting documentation. Confirmation: Applicants should receive a confirmation indicating that their form submission was successful after submitting it. For future use, they might also get an acknowledgment or registration number.
  • Follow Up with Application: Use the available channels to stay informed about any updates about the application’s status. For details, you might want to check the website or get in touch with the authorized authorities.

Benefits of AICTE Free Laptop Yojana

Beneficiaries of the AICTE Free Laptop Yojana are eligible for several advantages, such as:

  • Improved Access to Digital Learning Materials: The program makes digital learning materials like e-books, online lectures, instructional videos, and interactive learning platforms more accessible by giving away free computers.
  • Facilitation of Remote Learning: Laptops make it possible for students to participate in online courses and engage in remote learning. This is especially important in scenarios where regular classroom instruction may be interrupted, such as the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Empowerment through Technology: Having access to laptops gives students the freedom to experiment with pedagogies driven by technology and to acquire critical digital skills that will equip them for the demands of the modern workforce.
  • Reduction of Digital Divide: By granting equal access to computer equipment, the program seeks to close the digital divide and guarantee that every student can make use of the advantages of digital learning.
  • Academic brilliance and Innovation: Students can work together on projects, conduct research, and explore novel ideas with laptops, which promotes academic brilliance and innovation.
  • Future Career Planning: In today’s labor market, having a strong grasp of digital abilities is becoming more and more important. The program helps students get ready for future career options in technology-driven fields by giving them laptops.
  • Socio-economic Empowerment: By giving educational tools and resources to students from economically poor families and marginalized areas, the program levels the playing field and creates opportunities for upward mobility.


To sum up, the AICTE Free Laptop Yojana 2024 is an admirable program that aims to empower students with access to vital digital resources and to encourage digital inclusion. The program aims to close the digital divide, support academic success, and equip students for the demands of the digital age by giving free computers to qualified recipients. Using expedited registration procedures and an emphasis on equity and inclusivity, the program aims to optimize its influence and coverage across various sectors of the population. As India moves closer to being a digitally enabled nation, programs like the Free Laptop Yojana are essential in reshaping the educational system and developing the next generation of leaders.

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