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Abua Awas Yojana Payment Status Check


Abua Awas Yojana is an initiative of the Jharkhand govt. The Jharkhand govt has come up with a scheme to help the poor people and the people who live in mud houses. The Abua Awas Yojana has promised a three-room concrete house to the poor people so that they can live securely throughout their lifespan. 

The CM of Jharlhand has transferred the first installment of the Abua Awas Yojana to the bank accounts of 25000 beneficiaries. The money is provided through the direct bank transfer/ DBT to the eligible person. The people who receive the amount are happy and now can go for their own houses. 


If you are one of the people who have applied for the Abua Awas Yojana, you can check the status of your installer from your home. We will discuss the complete details of the Abua Awas Yojana Status check for the payment in this article, you should study the details given below carefully.

Abua Awas Yojana Check Payment Status

Abua Awas Yojana: Ovrwiew

  • Name of the Scheme: Abua Awas Yojana Status Check for Payment
  • For Which State: Jharkhand State
  • Beneficiary: Poor Poele of Jharkhand
  • Objective: To provide concrete homes to the poor people
  • Mode to Check Payment Status: online
  • Website for Abua Awas Yojana:

What is Abua Awas Yojana?

Abua Awas Yojana is a state-level scheme of the Jharkhand govt. The Jharkhand CM has given the roadmap to help poor people to build their own concrete houses. The poor people who do not have a concrete house will be provided with a three-room concert house.  

The govt will provide a total help of Rs 2 Lakh for building the three-room house for the poor people. The people who did not take the benefit of the PM Gramin Awas Scheme are allowed to get the benefit of the Abua Awas Yojana. The scheme was started on 15 August 2023 by the Jharkhand Chief Minister. 

Eligibility for Abua Awas Yojana 

The people who want to build their concrete house with the help of the Jharkhand govt should meet the following eligibility needs.

  • The person must be a permanent resident of the Jharkhand state.
  • The person who is living in a mud house.
  • The person with no home.
  • The person belongs to the weaker section of the society like PVTG
  • The person who is affected by any natural calamity

The person should not be taken benefit of the following schemes

  • PM Awas Yojana
  • Baba Sahab Bhim Rav Amedkar Awas Yojana
  • Indira Awas Yojana
  • Birsa Awas Yojana

Other non-eligible persons for the Abua Awas Yojana

  • The person who has a wheeler, or boat for the fish business
  • three or four-wheeler agriculture equipment
  • govt job employee
  • income tax payee
  • a person with a land of 2.5 acres or more land
  • a person with a fridge 

How to Apply for Abua Awas Yojana

The person who is eligible for the Abua Awas Yojana can apply for the scheme through the application form. 

  1. The application form is available in the Gram Sabha and Panchayat Officer.
  2. The Abua Awas Yojana application form is free for all.
  3. The person has to fill out the Abua Awas Yojana application form and submit it along with the document to the same office. 
  4. The govt official will verify the eligibility of the person for the Abua Awas Yojana.
  5. Then, they will prepare a merit list of the selected people who will get the benefit of Abua Awas Yojana.
  6. The person who got selected under the Abua Awas Yojana will be informed through the message on the mobile phone. 

Documents Required for Abua Awas Yojana

  • Resident Certificate or Domicile certificate of Jharkhand govt
  • Caste certificate
  • Income Certificate
  • Aadhar Card photostat
  • Mobile Number
  • Bank account passbook

Status of the Applications under Abua Awas Yojana

The Jharkhand govt has received nearly 31 lakh application forms for the Abua Awas Yojana out of which 29 lakh applications are eligible for the Abua Awas Yojana. The govt has found that around one lakh application forms are duplicates, which they are sorting out.

Benifit of Abua Awas Yojana

The benefited person will be provided with the amount of Rs2 Lakh in their bank accounts under the Abua Awas Yojana. The transaction will be DBT to their bank accounts. 

How to Check the Statut for the Abua Awas Yojana

All the person who has applied for the Abua Awas Yojana might be curious to know whether their application has been selected or not or if the amount has been transferred to their bank account or not. We will tell you the steps to check the status of the Abua Awas Yojana from home by using your phone or laptop.

  1. The person has to open the link to the main website for Abua Awas Yojana.
  2. Go to the tab of Beneficiary Login.
  3. Enter the details of the login like application number, mobile number, OTP, etc.
  4. A new page will be open showing the details of Abua Awas Yojana related to you.
  5. There, you can see the status of the Abua Awas Yojana.

Documents Required to Check the Status of Abua Awas Yojana

The person will receive the application number or password when he/she applies for the Abua Awas Yojana. That application number and password are the login details, you should keep the document of application number and password with you. Use the login details from that document to check the details of the status of Abua Awas Yojana.


The Jharkhand govt has a target to provide concrete homes to 8 lakh to 10 lakh people in the next three years. The eligible person can take the help of Rs 2 Lakh from the govt to build their houses in the Jharkhand govt. And people can check the status of the application online from their phones. 

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